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Phone-to-phone wireless charging becomes a reality

by TR Pakistan

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei’s second flagship release of the year, the Mate 20 Pro, features what could arguably be the most groundbreaking innovation to hit the smartphone market in years — reverse wireless charging.

Though wireless charging is nothing to write home about any longer, the installation of a wireless charging coil in the phone’s glass back allows the Mate 20 Pro to charge other wireless charging compatible phones when placed back-to-back. When the two phones are placed together, the Mate 20 Pro vibrates to let you know that you are sharing your battery.

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Furthermore, the phone being charged doesn’t even have to be a Huawei for the feature to work. Any phone with wireless charging compatibility can be charged using this technology. Phone reviewers have even tested the recent iPhone XS Max with the Mate 20 Pro’s wireless charging feature and have said it works perfectly.

However, it is not clear how quickly the Mate 20 Pro will be able to charge other phones.

Although it may be news to some, charging phones through other phones has been possible for quite some time (albeit not wirelessly). Using a combination of an On The Go (OTG) USB cable — which are cheaply available at any mobile accessory shop —  and a standard USB cable which comes in the box with most smartphones, a two-sided charging cable can be created to transfer charge between phones.