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A Pet Portal for Pakistan

by TR Pakistan

Dogs, birds, cats, fish, reptiles and even rodents like gerbils and hamsters: Man has kept domesticated animals for centuries. They provide us with love and companionship in exchange for food and shelter.

Now a startup is digitizing the process of buying “man’s best friend.”

PaltooPK is Pakistan’s first classified pet portal. It allows users to list pet ads for free, and facilitates buyers and sellers by digitally verifying the breeds of the pets that are being sold on its portal.

Umer Baig, founder of PaltooPK says, “There are currently a lot of people in Pakistan who are selling what they claim are high pedigree dogs at exorbitant prices but they are scamming customers because they don’t have the records to back up their claims.”

He mentioned that there were several european based organizations that catalogue all the pedigree dogs in the world but since there was no such catalogue available in Pakistan, PaltooPK are going to be the first ones to introduce it. “We are digitizing the process of verification of pets in order to prevent fraud in the pet trade,” he added. “The system will be fully functional in the next two months.”

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PaltooPK is also providing pet content curated for a Pakistani audience to help them take care of their pets. It also provides tips on how to better acclimatize them to the environment and extreme weather here. There is also a blog section where pet owners can share their experiences and offer pet information.

The startup is currently working to provide vet and grooming services for pets at your doorstep as well as delivery of pet products. The startup is already in contact with 70 pet selling businesses who have posted 150 ads for pets on the website and they have been able to successfully connect 9 pets with their new owners.

PaltooPK is currently being incubated at Punjab Information Technology Board’s Plan9, where it was selected out of hundreds of other applicants. The other startups selected for the 9th cycle of incubation in Plan9 include HumBike, Project 50 Kids, Neurostic, Qayaam, Pakistani Soghat, Journal Post, HomeStove and AdSpace.

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