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Peshawar Launches New High-Tech Police Force

by TR Pakistan

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has unveiled a brand new squad of first responders for the provincial city of Peshawar. Called the City Patrol Force (CPF), the squad is nearly 200 strong, with 20 vehicles, and armed with high-tech equipment and tools including security cameras, wireless communications, mobile tablets and trackers.

Speaking exclusively to TR Pakistan, the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Muhammad Tahir Khan says, “The recruitment of the police personnel has been from within various departments and have undergone special training. There are four people in every patrolling car which includes two gunners from the Elite Force, one sub inspector and a driver.

The force has its own mobile application which can verify Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) as well as vehicle registrations in real time. The application also includes an incident tagging feature to list details of any incident. In addition, the CPF has access to Traffic Management and Tenants Information System (TIS). Unlike previous police forces, the CPF reports directly to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

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“They are the first responders in case of street crimes, traffic issues, and all kinds of emergency situations. However, once the concerned department reaches the location, the CPF will hand it over to them and carry on with their patrolling,” says Khan. The force will execute public facilitation and help by responding to SOS alerts and coordination with emergency services.

The CPF is one of the numerous new policing programs initiated by the KPK government that includes the Special Combat Unit (SCU), Elite Women Commandos, Police Access Service (PAS) and Dispute Resolution Council (DRC).


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