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Pakistani Company Builds an Artificial Intelligence Content Writer

Meet Dante - an Artificial Intelligence Content Writer
by TR Pakistan

BaseH, a company based in Karachi, has announced the launch of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Writer. Named Dante, it has already been writing Pakistan Stock Exchange closing reports and the company says that it will soon be used to write small news reports using information from local and international media outlets.

In a blog posted on their website, the company states that Dante “has the capability to learn the style of writing where it is being deployed and quickly adapt to new writing styles and set of editorial policies or preferences.”

BaseH is currently focusing on media houses that would be able to produce endless content in little to no time with the help of the same staff. It hopes that the AI writer could be used as a supplementary resource by newspapers, tv channels and blogs as it would be able to free up time for editors to focus on other stories.

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According to a local television channel, the stories written by Dante were sent to veteran journalists in the country for feedback, one of whom said that he could not differentiate between the story written by a human and the AI content writer.

BaseH is a small company of IT professionals headquartered in Karachi. To make the AI Content Writer, they also enlisted the expertise of software engineers from the NED University.

AI-powered writing assistance programs are becoming better by the day. Grammarly, a popular grammar checker, uses AI-powered products to help with writing tasks. Microsoft Word’s Editor feature also uses AI to understand nuances in writing styles. It not only flags grammatical errors but also points out the use of unnecessarily complex words and overused terms. It also provides smart suggestions. For example, if it marks a sentence as passive, it will reword the sentence in an active voice.

A leading newspaper in the United States, the Washington Post, also has an in-house automated storytelling technology called heliograf, that uses it to cover all high school football games in the Washington, D.C. area every week.