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Pakistan Gets Smarter

by Mehreen Omer

Startups Introducing Smart Technologies in Pakistan.

With Internet of Things (IoT) being the buzzword these days globally, Pakistani startups like Smart Devices and Electroid are showing great promise.

Smart Devices, a former incubate of Plan9 and currently operating under PlanX, has developed a home electronic device that can easily connect all the appliances in your home to a Wi-Fi and subsequently be controlled via Smart Device’s desktop or mobile app. This device, currently retailing at PKR 12,000 in Pakistan can make your home smarter without any heavy-duty investment.

This is the first device of its kind that will be sold directly to the consumer market in Pakistan. However, local electronic businesses have a lot to gain too by acquiring this technology. Imagine the profits a home appliance can get by turning smarter for only PKR 12,000?

Electroid, an incubatee of Netsol, is another IoT startup that has a huge potential. It is a home automation software that gives you the power to control the power consumption of your digital appliances.

With irregular loadshedding, understanding your electricity bill can be a huge hassle. With Electroid, you can set up a power consumption budget that you will not exceed, and your home appliances connected to the app via Wi-Fi will automatically turn off or on and run on a pre-defined rate to make sure you don’t spend a penny above your budget.

Mehreen Omer is a CEO and Founder of TriumF Media, a digital media scientist, a movie buff and a cultural critic. She tweets @mehreen_omer.


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  1. Jilani Chaudhari said:

    With Smarts Devises and Hemroid Pakistan is showing way forward to rest of WORLD. In this Pakistan is getting much AHEAD of the India in all respects, IT industry and technology, manufacturing, services, agriculture, milk and vanaspati exports, good food stuffs, mangoes, etc. We are ahead in ALL respects with india Alhamdilullah! Automatic turning on with Elrod divices and such things means that WE are very FAR ahead of this neighbor to one side. Inshallah we will become number one anywhere. This will BE our true hallmark!!!!