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Pakistan eyeing ‘tech superpower’ status in a decade

Ministry of Defence Production
The government is promoting ‘Made in Pakistan’ technology and facilitating industries to manufacture the products that were previously being imported
by TR Pakistan

The news: Within the next 10 years, Pakistan will become a technological superpower, according to Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry. He said that his ministry was taking steps to ensure technological development and realize the vision of a digitized Pakistan.

Made in Pakistan: Chaudhry tweeted that the Ministry of Science and Technology had followed in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s steps to encourage ‘Made in Pakistan’ products and initiated several industries to manufacture the products that were previously being imported. He pointed out that if it wasn’t for these initiatives, the country would have either run out of masks and sanitizers during this pandemic, or they would be sold in the black market. However, thanks to these efforts, the local industry is not only fulfilling the needs of its own citizens but also exporting these products in millions.

Economic zones: The technology minister also announced that a ‘health city’ is being built in Faisalabad and that in the next phase, special economic zones will be established in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad to serve for the development and innovation of technology and science. Specialized concessions and privileges will be allocated to the technology industry and business ventures in these zones.

Multinational corporations: Chaudhry also invited multinational companies in the USA, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, and the European Union to contribute to Pakistan’s technological expansion. He ensured that these companies would be provided with a competitive environment and ‘relaxed tax structures’.

Electromagnetic industry: Last week, Chaudhry had announced that after being self-sufficient in the supply of masks and sanitizers, Pakistan had started distributing the first batch of locally-produced ventilators. He had pointed out that within the next five years, the country would have a sizable electromagnetic and medical industry and start exporting medical equipment to other countries. Last month, the Ministry of Science and Technology also signed an MoU with the Ministry of Health for the development of electromedical devices.

Technological landmarks: Last month, the science and technology minister had announced that Pakistan had achieved a technological landmark after the approval of a locally-produced covid-19 testing kit by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP). The ministry recently signed another MoU with a private company to produce UAVs for use in agriculture and battling the locust attacks.