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Pakistan creating tech farms to boost agriculture

The government hopes to increase the agricultural yield and its contribution in the country’s GDP through incorporation of technology
by TR Pakistan

The news: The Pakistan government is developing advanced technology in order to enhance the agriculture sector. Under a new project called ‘Precision Agriculture’, the government will establish 500 technology-based farms to encourage export-based agriculture, according to the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chuadhry.

Backbone: Chaudhry said that the agriculture sector in Pakistan is considered as the backbone for Pakistan’s economy. With the help of modern technology solutions, it can contribute a big share in the Gross Development Product (GDP) of Pakistan. The Ministry of Science and Technology has taken initiative to develop technology-based farming which will raise the standard of agricultural practices and boost the production level of several crops. This, in turn, would benefit the economy, bring prosperity, and improve economic conditions for the farmers.

Technology packages: The federal minister explained that in Pakistan, farmers are unable to bear farming expenses even if they achieve favorable production across 12.5 acres of land. On the other hand, farmers in China can achieve maximum production of crops from one acre of land, which is enough for the whole year. It is due to the incorporation of advanced technology in their farming practices. Under the Precision Agriculture project, farms of two acres, five acres, and 12.5 acres will be provided with technology packages that include drones, water sensors, pesticide censors, packaging facilities, seed selection, etc.

Halal Authority: The project will also include a laser leveling of fields, which can maximize the productivity of irrigation water in the farms. Moreover, with the optimal use of water and non-water inputs, the production level of crops in each yield. The second phase of the precision agriculture project also aims to establish corporate livestock farms for the farmers. Pakistan Halal Authority has already been established, which will ensure quality of meat and implement the Islamic way of sacrificing animals.

Youth interest: The federal minister recently lauded the interest of youth in agriculture, noting that the admissions applications for Faisalabad Agricultural University have increased by 50% this year. The interest in admissions has also increased in other agricultural universities around Pakistan. He said that the welcome interest in agriculture has the potential to boost the agriculture sector of the country.