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New Smart Energy System Unveiled in Pakistan

by Mahrukh Sarwar

A clean energy company, SkyElectric Inc., launched its Smart Energy System in Pakistan at an event held in the capital on 27th February, 2017. The Smart Energy System is a next generation solar energy production, management and storage solution.

Apart from the solar panels, SkyElectric’s system includes a Smart Energy Inverter which is a hybrid solar and battery system and a console, which is a touch-screen interface that provides full visibility and control over your home or business power and energy infrastructure. The console also includes SmartFlow, an embedded intelligent energy management software.

The Smart Energy Inverter makes intelligent decisions about utilising solar and battery energy to provide you with maximum availability of energy at the lowest cost. It is connected to the SkyElectric Cloud via 3G and Wi-fi connectivity, and constantly relays status information for monitoring and fault diagnosis purposes to a Network Operations Centre (NOC), which is made up of trained technicians available round the clock. It also receives information from the SkyElectric Cloud about predicted solar forecast and grid outage/tariff patterns which is utilised by SmartFlow in order to make intelligent energy related decisions. You can connect to NOC personnel via the Smart Energy Console and the mobile app. The app gives you the same visibility as the Smart Energy Console, only on the go.

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The company claims that when compared to conventional solar energy systems with lead acid batteries and generators, the Smart Energy System (even the smallest) will become more cost-effective within a 5-6 year time period. This period reduces to 3-4 years for the larger energy system.

Ashar Aziz, CEO of SkyElectric, says that in a typical residential deployment with a conventional solar system, a large fraction of the solar energy is wasted due to the lack of an energy intelligence system to to maximise solar energy production and overall savings in grid energy consumption. Residential load consumption and solar production are mostly offset in time and even with net-metering available to export excess solar energy, there is likely to be high wastage of the solar energy due to lack of energy intelligence about grid outage schedules.

SkyElectric’s systems come in a range of capacities from 3 kW to 30 kW with battery backup ranging from 6 kWh to 60 kWh.  The smallest system –  the 3 kW (with 6 kWh battery backup and solar panels) – is priced at around Rs. 1 million whereas the 5 kWh and 10 kWh systems cost around Rs. 1.4 million and Rs. 2.4 million each.


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