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New govt services apps launched in Islamabad, Sindh

Islamabad Capital Territory City app and Sindh Relief Initiative unveiled
by TR Pakistan

The news: The Federal government launched an Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) City app on Wednesday, to provide online access to government services. The app was developed through a collaboration between the National Information Technology Board and Islamabad Administration. Sindh Provincial Government has also released a Sindh Relief Initiative Application to distribute ration to the daily wage workers’ doorstep during lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

‘Revolution in the country’: Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking at the launch of ICT application in Islamabad, praised the efforts of developers. He said “This is a revolution in the country. It is a tremendous service after its trial in Islamabad; it will be introduced in other cities. It is like taking Pakistan into the 21st century,” He added that the services offered by various government departments on a single page would provide easy access to many residents, who will no longer have to queue up outside several offices to avail these services and will save a lot of time. He also mentioned that this technology would have a positive impact as citizens practice social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

Easy to use: The ICT app, which can be found on Google Play Store, has an easy to use interface and allows citizens to register by providing their CNIC number, mobile phone number and email address. It offers services like application and processing for domicile, driver’s license, CNIC, Passport and other administrative services. The mobile app also allows citizens to report crimes or incidents directly to the Police, or get certificates through e-police service. The Excise and Taxation Department offers vehicle registration, transfer, and token tax through the app while Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) offer birth and death certificate applications and information on water billing and property tax.

Coronavirus inquiry: The app has many other comprehensive features as well, like the city guide which includes information about bus routes, emergency services, and local attractions, utility bills, and links to other government service apps like Pakistan Citizens Portal, Baytee, and Durust Daam. A special feature of the application, “Coronavirus Inquiry” lets citizens file a complaint about the non-availability or high cost of face masks, sanitizers, medicines or other COVID-19 related issues. In addition to that, the Coronavirus Chatbot feature gives detailed information about nature and spread of the disease, including prevention guidelines and clarifying popular misconceptions.

Sindh’s initiative: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah revealed the Sindh Relief Initiative Application on Sunday. He addressed a meeting with welfare organizations and government officials, saying that the app would provide a single platform for all relief activities such as volunteer count, donors and the registration of people receiving benefits through CNICs. The app requires welfare organizations to register and work together for the provision of ration to those in need and daily wage workers across the province.