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MIT Technology Review Pakistan Partners With NewEnergy Global Startup Fest

by Nushmiya Sukhera

The world’s top 100 startups from over 35 countries are gathering in Astana, Kazakhstan from the 26th to the 28th of October to showcase their ideas and products related to cleantech and renewable energy. Billed as the NewEnergy Global Startup Festival, the event will bring together startups, investors and experts all under one roof.

MIT Technology Review Pakistan is the festival’s media partner from Pakistan. The magazine showcases and promotes the rapidly expanding science, technology and entrepreneurship landscape of the country.

The festival aims to gather innovative companies, venture funds and accelerators involved in developing green economy as well as renewable and alternative energy sources. Prior to the event, the experts’ panel will pre-select the top 100 early-stage companies who will be invited to Astana for an all expenses paid trip. Participants will present their projects in the field of climate and ecology, smart cities and sustainable infrastructure, rational and efficient use of water resources and new production technologies and methods. During the event, the experts’ panel will choose the top 30 companies who will get a chance to present at the Astana EXPO-2017, which is a leading event in energy efficiency. This is an opportunity for the startups involved to get press coverage for their ideas, meet with investors, industry experts, mentors, and network with people in the field.

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Wattie, an energy startup from Pakistan has applied for the event and are waiting for the pre-selection process. Applications are still are open till October 1, 2016 and early stage companies can apply through the #NEWENERGY website

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