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Meet Google’s Pixel

by Mahrukh Sarwar

Google has taken a giant leap into the smartphone business with their new market entry called Pixel. It is the first phone with both software and hardware made by Google in order to provide the best android experience. Previously, Google has partnered with other mobile handset producers to produce Nexus products but now the inevitable has happened and they have come up with their own smartphone.

Pixel features rounded edges, an aerospace grade aluminum body and 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 on the front and back of the phone. Their fingerprint sensor called Pixel Imprint is placed on the back of the phone and is better positioned to your fingers when you are holding the smartphone in your hand.

The biggest selling point of the new smartphone is its ability to charge quickly. You can get up to seven hours of battery after charging your phone for only 15 minutes.

According to the Google blog, the Pixel camera is the “the highest rated smartphone camera anyone has ever made.” Pixel has a 12.3MP camera with an f/2.0 aperture and big 1.55 micron pixels. The camera has a DxOMark Mobile score of 89. It promises a “cutting-edge computational photography” using the camera and lets you take impressive pictures in any kind of light.

With their new feature “Smartburst” you can take great action shots and the smartphone automatically chooses the best picture for you. Best of all, Google is offering free, unlimited storage for photos and videos at full resolution in Google Photos.

Pixel is the first phone with an in-built Google Assistant, which is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. The Google Assistant enables you to get things done quickly on the go. You can ask the virtual assistant to tell you your schedule, play a video on YouTube or tell you when the nearest pharmacy closes. You can ask the Google Assistant to show you pictures from a certain trip and the assistant will immediately show you the pictures you were looking for. Pixel also comes with Google’s Allo and Duo, the communication and video calling app, pre-installed in the phone.

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Pixel uses with the newest Android operating system, Android 7.1 Nougat. It also promises to make the update process easier for users, so phone updates are carried out in the background and you can still carry out other tasks on the phone.

VR users will be happy to hear that Pixel is compatible with the Daydream virtual reality platform announced by Google earlier in the summer. Google has also unveiled a $79 Daydream View Headset that can be used with the Google phone for mobile virtual reality.

The phone is being sold in a 5” or 5.5” size and comes in three colours: Very Silver, Quite Black and Really Blue. Pixel retails at $649 and is available for pre-orders in certain countries including the United States, Germany and Australia.


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