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MakerFest 2017 Concludes

More than 85 companies and investors attended the event
by TR Pakistan

MakerFest ‘17, a festival for the promotion of technology, creativity, innovation and invention, was held on Saturday at Arfa Software Technology Park. The event was organized by Information Technology University (ITU) in collaboration with PlanX and DIY Geeks.

This is the first MakerFest event organised in Lahore and the second in the country. MakerFest is a continuation of the internationally-renowned Maker Faires – hosted across America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia to encourage creativity and to invent solutions to problems through technology.

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A large number of students from schools and universities across Pakistan displayed their inventions at the event. More than 85 companies and investors attended the event, which provided an opportunity to makers from arts and technology to showcase locally-developed projects which drew inspiration from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). The projects displayed included a robot for cleaning floors which could be operated through a mobile phone application and a turbine-network-based hydroelectric power generation system.

The event was inaugurated by ITU Vice Chancellor Dr. Umar Saif. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “The makers’ movement is picking up momentum across the world and is contributing to new inventions, innovations and economies.”

He added that the US economy was built on maker’s activity. “Companies like Facebook and Google were launched by students,” he said.

“The platform would enable the youth and children to invent real solutions to problems such as producing electricity through solar panels, automating agriculture, regulating water flow and filtering contaminated water,” he said.


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