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September/October 2018

The world’s largest accumulation of ocean plastic is located between Hawaii and California and according to scientists of The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit, the mass of plastic known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is estimated to weigh approximately 80,000 tons — equivalent to the weight of 500 jumbo jets.Read more




Cover Story


Lahore is losing its green cover – fast

Trees and greenery have always been a matter for pride for the city of gardens, Lahore. Over the past few years, the city’s tree cover has also featured in a large number of discussions on development and urbanization.

The conversation was started by the Lahore Bachao movement in 2008, which focused on tree cutting in Model Town. With the canal project also announced that year, the group banded together adding more voices and experts and started asking the government more policy oriented questions.

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