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November/December 2015

TANK you for the overwhelming response to MIT Technology Review Pakistan’s inaugural edition. We appreciate your calls, emails, shares, likes, letters and comments. Check out our feedback page for the top five posts selected from your response. The second edition’s theme revolves around the global entrepreneurial startups landscape, with particular emphasis on Pakistan. Can there be another Silicon Valley in the world? Can we replicate the success of Silicon Valley in Pakistan?

Israel and China are great examples of state-backed entrepreneurial ecosystems. In Pakistan too, the government has played a significant role in jump-starting this sector. The Punjab government, in just four years, has managed to launch and grow an early-stage technology incubator, called Plan9. With over six incubation cycles under its belt, it has nurtured around 100 startups, providing them with free furnished offices... Read more



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Can Pakistan be the next Silicon Valley?

An in-depth analysis offers insights into how Pakistan can take its cue from the world to develop super-clusters of entrepreneurs and startups.

ADOLPH Schwimmer — who preferred ‘Al’ over Adolph — sat next to the Shimon Peres, who became Israeli president half a century later, in a plane flying over the Arctic tundra. They were heading for Israel. This was 1953. The 2nd World War was over but not yet forgotten. Having previously smuggled warplanes to Israel for the 1948 War, Schwimmer’s mandate was different this time. It was building an aerospace startup in Israel on invitation by David Ben-Gurion, the ‘founding father of Israel’ and its first prime minister. Schwimmer had previously floated the idea himself but backed down realizing he didn’t want any part of Israel’s socialist economics or crony politics. But Ben-Gurion had culled those fears, promising him a private-styled company and zero government meddling. Originally from California, Schwimmer agreed and relocated to Israel. The aviation company he founded — the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) — would eventually be valued at $1 billion when Schwimmer retired thirty years later.

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