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May/June 2019


Astrobiology – a roadmap for Pakistan

Few questions have been as intriguing throughout human history as those concerning the origin of life. Different people in different eras have been asking questions like how did life start on Earth? What makes our Earth so special to sustain life? Read more


The future of plastic waste disposal could be a fungus

The ground around the once popular tourist destination is polluted with rubbish. Plastic bags, bottles and other disposable waste is strewn around Keenjhar, the second largest freshwater lake in Pakistan. Read more

Q & A

How can technology help plan cities better?

IT Technology Review sat down with three urban policy and planning experts to discuss issues in sustainable development in Pakistani cities. Read more


Understanding Pakistan’s cybersecurity woes

It may not be unreasonable to say that Pakistanis do not trust banks. According to a study carried out by Standard Chartered Bank and independent research agency GlobeScan in 2017, 50 percent of emerging affluent Pakistanis prefer to save cash at home rather than use banking services.Read more

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Look how far precision medicine has come

Sometime this fall, the number of people who have spit in a tube and sent their DNA to the largest consumer DNA testing companies, like Ancestry and 23andMe, is likely to top 20 million.Read more