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January/February 2020


The prospects for economic inclusion in Pakistan

Having seen a decade of regional instability, Pakistan is now predicted to join the league of countries that will contribute significantly to global growth over the next two decades. According to PWC’s The World in 2050, Pakistan should become a Top-20 economy by 2030. Read more

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In dire straits: Pakistan’s web monitoring

In late October 2019, Pakistan’s plan to engage Canada-based firm Sandvine Corporation, which is notorious for its Internet surveillance technologies, resurfaced with the publishing of a report highlighting details of the contract signed over the matter. Read more


Inside Lahore’s public e-sports culture

As you enter the premises, you’re greeted by flashing beams of neon lights fixed on the walls and a strangely congruous sound from constant pushing of buttons and movement of joysticks. Read more

Changing climate for tech startups

The 021Disrupt conference, organised by The Nest I/O in Karachi in November 2019, was unprecedented on multiple fronts. Captioned with the motto ‘nothing innovative ever stood still ’, Read more

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Look how far precision medicine has come

Sometime this fall, the number of people who have spit in a tube and sent their DNA to the largest consumer DNA testing companies, like Ancestry and 23andMe, is likely to top 20 million.Read more