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January/February 2018

Appreciating positive efforts by Pakistanis can be a difficult task, especially because on the global stage, the country is often associated with a myriad of crises unfathomable for an average reader in the West. Nevertheless, it is also impossible to ignore those dedicated innovators who, through their genius and hard work, are attempting to turn this country into a site of great technological transformation.Read more




Nurturing Genius at Home

Unconventional learning methods and a passion for science have enabled the Niazi siblings to surprise established scientists before they even graduated from high school.

The Niazis are the ideal nuclear family. Ahmad Niazi is a pilot flying for the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Aisha Niazi, his wife, is a former speech therapist and a stay-at-home mom. They have two teenagers, Khadija and Shaheer, who are twins. On Sundays, the family goes out for brunch. The parents order a sandwich, the twins share a pizza. When the meal is over, the parents sip coffee from their cups and watch their children gobble down the molten lava cake they ordered for desert.

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