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July/August 2018

In early July this year, the United States issued a health alert for its citizens traveling to Pakistan to get vaccinated against extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid fever as there was an ongoing outbreak of XDR typhoid in parts of the country’s Sindh province.

Before that, news about this endemic health issue, somehow, could not get proper media attention in Pakistan. The life-threatening infection, typhoid fever, is caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi and its new strain is said to be resistant to five antibiotics—obviously limiting treatment options.Read more



Q & A


A smarter smart city

An ambitious project by Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs could reshape how we live, work, and play in urban neighborhoods.

On Toronto’s waterfront, where the eastern part of the city meets Lake Ontario, is a patchwork of cement and dirt.

It’s home to plumbing and electrical supply shops, parking lots, winter boat storage, and a hulking silo built in 1943 to store soybeans—a relic of the area’s history as a shipping port.

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