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Innovating the Cricket Viewing Experience

by Nushmiya Sukhera

Cricket fans all over the world know the pain of missing a fallen wicket or a tremendous shot due to an unimportant phone call or a sudden interruption in the cable network. Previously, such a situation would mean waiting for the channel to show a replay of the shot which depending on your luck, may or may not happen. The only other alternative was seeing it on social media but by the time it showed up there, it would already be old news. One Pakistani startup aims to address these challenges and change the cricket viewing experience around the globe.

Cricingif, the world’s first ball-by-ball live highlights will be up and running on 17 November, 2016, and just in time for the home team’s upcoming tour Down Under. This platform promises to deliver not only live cricket matches but also focus on other aspects of the game. Users can stay updated with all things cricket related both before and after matches, including informative articles and an engaging and personalized website to fulfill their cricket needs.

“The idea is to provide personalized content according to your favorite teams and players. Plus, users will be able to focus on seeing those parts of the match that matter the most to them,” says Qasim Zafar, Cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer at Cricingif. “In terms of engagement, we are going to keep the users involved by adding more interactive features along the lines of polls and quizzes.”

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However, this is not the first time that the startup has come under the spotlight.

Cricingif immediately gained popularity after its worldwide launch two years ago. With a focus on speed and efficiency, it provided the fastest ball-by-ball live cricket scores on the Internet along with a clip of every ball played during the match. Being four to six seconds faster than ESPN on average, they caught the attention of international cricket celebrities including Ben Stokes, Tom Moody, and Fred Boycott who followed and engaged with them regularly on social media.

Consequently, at the time of the T20 World Cup in 2015, the platform had over 5.7 million clip plays per month with more than 30,000 users and 47,000 followers on social media. This surge in popularity attracted the attention of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and cricket boards of different countries, including Australia and India who sent them notices to take down their website and social media pages as the company did not have digital content licenses.

Overnight, Cricingif disappeared.

Now after raising investment of four million dollars and having dealt with licensure issues, Cricingif is set to launch again. “This is an important milestone in our journey, and we hope you like the new Cricingif,” says Zafar.


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