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How Pakistan’s smart lockdown technology works

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SurveyAuto CEO Dr. Umar Saif has developed the technology to help the government implement intermittent lockdowns by identifying areas with high covid-19 infections
by TR Pakistan

The federal government of Pakistan called upon the CEO of SurveyAuto, Dr. Umar Saif, for recourse in the process of implementing smart lockdowns across the country and identifying coronavirus hotspots.

Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) urged Pakistan to implement intermittent and targeted lockdowns, stating that the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan has become alarming. Covid-19 cases in Pakistan rapidly escalated after restrictions in countrywide lockdowns were eased last month.

The total number of infected patients has crossed 155,000. Following these events, the government made the decision to impose targeted ‘smart lockdowns’ across the country, shutting down hard-hit areas.

SurveyAuto technology

In order to implement smart lockdowns, the federal government appointed Dr. Umar Saif’s technological venture ‘SurveyAuto’ to assist in the process. SurveyAuto is a technology-based company that specializes in the development of systems that can assist in gathering reliable and high-quality data from the field.

Dr. Umar Saif, who is also the Chief Digital Officer of Jang/Geo Media Group, was tasked with developing a technology that can pinpoint areas with high numbers of coronavirus infections.

This information would then be used to seal these specific areas without shutting down the entire country and halting economic activity.

How it works

 The system, built free of cost as a contribution to the national efforts to fight coronavirus, utilizes machine learning to obtain high-quality data.

The data is gathered by the government’s field workers and recorded via smartphone applications in real-time. It is then used to generate advanced mathematical and epidemiological analysis.

The technology also makes use of spatial analysis, SEIR prediction models, and applies machine learning on satellite imagery to generate population maps, house counts, case incidence rates, and forecasts.

The result

 The system uses this information to notify the government if a cluster of covid-19 patients seems likely to escalate into an outbreak in the surrounding areas.

The technology also calculates and predicts the number of patients in each infected area, creates a report on expected patients in comparison to hospital capacity, and issues instructions to field workers on collecting data about efforts to contain the virus and compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The quick and beneficial implementation of SurveyAuto’s technology has garnered appreciation and praise by many, including the prime minister’s focal person on covid-19, Faisal Sultan, and SAPM Digital Pakistan, Tania Aidrus.