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Govt reiterates commitment to increase technological exports

After becoming the fourth largest exporter of freelance software, government hopes to enhance the utilization of other resources to boost science and IT
by TR Pakistan

The news: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry encouraged the youth of Pakistan to participate in the technological advancement of the country and reiterated the status of Pakistan as the fourth-largest exporter of freelance software. He said that the future of the country depends on the next generation.

Modern technology: The federal minister expressed resentment on behalf of Pakistan, saying that the country is capable of building military tanks, but no cars have been produced using native technology, despite having potential. He emphasized that many madrassas were established in the ’80s, but trivial attention was drawn toward modern education, which can be a cornerstone for development.

Unutilized resources: Chaudhry addressed the inauguration of stone cutting and polishing center at Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in Skardu and highlighted that Gilgit-Baltistan has an extensive variety of natural mineral resources which remain unutilized. Countries such as Thailand have already declared their interest in plowing money toward the mining industry of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Exporting technology: The minister said that with the efforts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan has now become the fourth largest exporter of freelance software. Previously, the minister had announced that the country was preparing to export medical equipment and electromagnetic technology to various countries around the world. The government is also developing technology-based farms to encourage export-based agriculture.

Technology partnership: Earlier this year, the federal minister also expressed interest in technology-based partnerships with countries in the Muslim world, including Saudi Arabia. He said scientific cooperation with the Muslim countries will benefit them immensely. Since Pakistan is the fourth largest exporter of freelance software, the countries will be able to foster technology with considerably less capital and high-quality standards.

Tech in the Muslim world: Pakistan is already engaged in various projects under the Islamic Development Bank’s (IsDB) Science, Technology, and Innovation Transform Fund, which are worth multimillion dollars. These projects will help Muslim countries get access to viable solutions for the key development challenges they are facing right now. Chaudhry expressed hope that Pakistan will be able to help many other countries through the power of innovation and would like to give the smart village experience to African Muslim nations, and the Middle East as well.