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Doctors Place New Device to Open Blocked Arteries Sans Surgery at Rawalpindi Hospital

Young children suffering from heart ailments no longer have to go to India, says hospital CEO.

RAWALPINDI: A team of UK-based doctors successfully placed a device in 20 children without surgery to open their blocked arteries at the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) on Monday.

According to RIC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Major General (r) Azhar Mehmood Kiani, a team of doctors, including heart expert from UK’s Laster Hospital Dr David Karimi, performed the surgeries on the children.

The surgeries were performed at a cost of Rs1 million paid by the Punjab government.

General Kiani said that an Electro physiology department has been set up at RIC to treat children suffering from by birth heart problems that will start working in February.

“I am really happy that the poor people will not have to bear heavy expenses for surgeries in private hospitals. Hopefully, they will have the same treatment at their doorsteps from now onwards,” said Dr Kiani.

He said that the Punjab government had been requested to increase the budget from Rs1.5 billion to Rs1.8 billion for upgrade of various departments and services.

The veteran heart specialist continues to provide state-of-the-art heart care to patients irrespective of their ability to pay.

The CEO said that specialist doctors were providing treatment to the patients round the clock, adding that 1,000 open-heart surgeries and 1,400 angioplasty were being carried out annually. Machinery for the hospital had been imported from Germany and Japan and beds from Italy, he added.

Dr Kiani added the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology had all laboratory test facilities like ECO, blood test and X-ray.

“The most modern X-ray system has been installed at the hospital where instead of X-ray films, the X-ray is being taken through CR system and the report goes in the laptop of the doctor simultaneously for providing further treatment.”

“Hypertension, diabetes, smoking, obesity, use of alcohol, physical inactivity and stress are the most common for increase in heart patients”

Dr Kiani said prominent heart surgeons, including Dr Hasnat, Dr Kareem and Dr Manzoor Ahmed, from London were imparting training to the doctors and other paramedics of the institute.

He said it was the only hospital in the twin cities where patients from Rawalpindi division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan were benefiting from treatment facilities.

Replying to a question, he said that the young children suffering from heart ailments no longer had to go to India as the hospital has hired the services of specialist doctors for treating them.

Dr Kiani said the ratio of death from cardiac arrests could be minimised by preventive measures. He said that hypertension, diabetes, smoking, obesity, use of alcohol, physical inactivity and stress were the most common causes of increasing heart diseases in the country which could be avoided through balanced diet, regular exercise and regular checkup.

He also said that by taking preventive measures, around 80,000 deaths from heart diseases could be avoided every year in the country.

“Prevention is the best way to control the increasing number of deaths due to heart diseases,” Dr Kiani concluded.-