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How Do People Get New Ideas?

Presumably, the process of creativity, whatever it is, is essentially the same in all its branches and varieties, so that the evolution of a new art form, a new gadget, a new scientific principle, all involve common factors. We are most interested …Continue reading

The Coal Conundrum

No matter what, India’s use of coal will ­skyrocket in the next two decades. India accounts for about 6 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions. It’s not in the same league as China, the United States, or the European Union, but that could …Continue reading

Pakistan’s evolution

Pakistan’s ICT landscape has come a long way. WE listen to terms like the Cloud, Big Data, The Internet of Things, 5G, Security, Dark Web being bandied around quite often locally and across the international techspeak. Little do we realize the path …Continue reading

A start of something big

Pakistan’s IT industry is emerging on the world map. Now it needs some home -grown public and private venture capital fund managers to fast-track it to the first billion dollar mark. PAKISTAN’S information technology (IT) industry, up till the beginning of this …Continue reading

Better Architecture

Computer architectures aren’t laws of physics. They’re manmade inventions designed to harness raw resources, such as billions of transistors, for a range of useful computational tasks. When our computing needs and tasks change—as they inevitably will over the decades—it becomes increasingly awkward …Continue reading

Genome Gambits

My dad loved to hike in the rain forests near our home on the Big Island of Hawaii, often to hunt for mushrooms with Don Hemmes, his colleague at the University of Hawaii. The goal of these trips was not to harvest …Continue reading