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How Copyright Law Stifles Your Right to Tinker with Tech

How Copyright Law Stifles Your Right to Tinker with Tech

Last week, Andrew “Bunnie” Huang—a benevolent hacker and inventor—announced that he was teaming up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to sue the U.S. government. Why? He believes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is unconstitutional; that the law hinders free speech, stifles creative …Continue reading

Applying Formal Methods to Ensure Accurate and Reliable Engineering Systems

These days hardware and software systems are progressively being used in safety-critical domains, such as automated transportation networks and electronic military and medicine equipment. This makes the accuracy of their analysis of vital importance since an uncaught system bug can endanger human …Continue reading

Improving Patient Care in Pakistan With Hospital Automation

Hospitals in Pakistan are overwhelmed by exploding patient populations, lack of resources, and critical care training.  Manual errors are frequent, slow availability of patient lab results, doctors and nurses are confounded with slow paper based information retrieval, and misplaced patient histories lead …Continue reading

Building the Cities of Tomorrow

Before smart cities initiatives, the government needs to prepare for the Internet of Things (IoT) implementation. Change is the only constant if you look at history. For example, the first industrial revolution was fueled by steam power that created a big boom …Continue reading

E-Mail’s Not the Issue

I’m a productivity consultant, which means I work every day with people to organize their time, and to make the best use of whatever information and energy they have. I’ve been doing this for 25 years, so I was around when e-mail …Continue reading

The Tech Healthcare Revolution Pakistan Needs

The next healthcare innovation for Pakistan won’t be a miracle drug. According to World Bank, in 1960, the GDP per capita a.k.a. income per person of Pakistan was more than double the amount of China’s. Fast forward to 2015: Pakistan has improved …Continue reading

Data Dystopia

Dystopias in the 20th century came mostly in two flavors: the imposing surveillance state, as depicted in Orwell’s 1984, and the stupefying pleasure dome, as in Huxley’s Brave New World. What if these were not separate nightmares? The real threat could be …Continue reading