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Cleantech After the Hype: Why Startups Fail

Cleantech After the Hype: Why Startups Fail

We saw it happen to 3D printing and many other industries, and are seeing it happen to cleantech now—the hype has passed, and the time has come to actually build solutions that will enable “smart energy” and “greenovation” to be something more …Continue reading

Data Dystopia

Dystopias in the 20th century came mostly in two flavors: the imposing surveillance state, as depicted in Orwell’s 1984, and the stupefying pleasure dome, as in Huxley’s Brave New World. What if these were not separate nightmares? The real threat could be …Continue reading

Pliable Plants

Producing higher-yielding crops has been a goal for farmers ever since there have been farms. Plant breeders since Gregor Mendel have recognized the heritability of crop traits and how they relate to yield. Heritability is crucial, but it’s only one factor—there’s also …Continue reading

Like GMOs, Minus the Baggage

Almost 60 years ago I stood beneath a blazing Louisiana sun, up to my knees weeding in the tepid, mosquito-infested water of my father’s rice field. It was the 1950s, and I was nine years old. I eventually got off that farm, …Continue reading

Pakistani Universities and Entrepreneurship

The trend of creating jobs rather than hunting jobs is growing in the country. Our universities produce thousands of engineers each year. Have you ever thought how many graduates end up creating jobs, rather than hunting for one? The answer appears to …Continue reading

How Data Science Predicted Brexit

The world, and financial markets in particular, were stunned by Britain’s vote to exit the EU. The markets were quite confident that Britain would stay in the EU. The S&P 500 rose sharply towards the end of the trading day before the …Continue reading