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Smart water infrastructure: The way forward

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume the term ‘water infrastructure’ refers to medium-scale decentralized water purification units and urban water distribution systems. The former choice is based on increasing the interest of government, private and public-private partnerships in such infrastructure. These treatment facilities …Continue reading

Approximate Computing: A brain-inspired computing paradigm

A recent surge in the use of wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) devices demands a higher level of power efficiency to provide an extended battery run-time. Inspired by the way the brain processes the information, scientists and electrical engineers are coming …Continue reading

Eliminating the Human

I have a theory that much recent tech development and innovation over the last decade or so has an unspoken overarching agenda. It has been about creating the possibility of a world with less human interaction. This tendency is, I suspect, not …Continue reading

We Need Computers with Empathy

I was rehearsing a speech for an AI conference recently when I happened to mention Amazon Alexa. At which point Alexa woke up and announced: “Playing Selena Gomez.” I had to yell “Alexa, stop!” a few times before she even heard me. …Continue reading

Fighting for Zach

Then my oldest son, Zach, was five years old, he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer called acute myeloid leukemia. The diagnosis was a nightmare. What came next was worse. Soon after the diagnosis, Zach began the first of many …Continue reading

Making Digital Lending Work

While digital financial services offered through mobile wallets are considered the solution to problems of financial inclusion in developing countries, the rate of adoption of these wallets has not been as promising as expected in Pakistan. A deeper analysis of the problem …Continue reading