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The Treachery of Models

On March 16, the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team published a paper, forecasting an alarming mortality rate from the novel coronavirus. The study estimated that the number of deaths in the United States alone may rise to 2.2 million. The research …Continue reading

The prospects for economic inclusion in Pakistan

Having seen  a decade of regional instability, Pakistan is now predicted to join the league of countries that will contribute significantly to global growth over the next two decades. According to PWC’s The World in 2050, Pakistan should become a Top-20 economy …Continue reading

Women’s financial inclusion in Pakistan

Pakistan is considered all set by experts to introduce digital financial services, given the extensive documentation of citizens’ data, widespread telecommunication connectivity, and the increasing penetration of smartphones. Despite meeting these criteria, the country still has the lowest financial inclusion ratio in …Continue reading

Prioritizing the skills of the future

The term Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has been coined by Dr. Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), to refer to technological changes at the intersection of the digital, physical and biological spheres. A Google Trends search of the term …Continue reading

How blockchain could improve the population census

Population census is a mandatory requirement under the United Nations’ framework for international state system, and it serves as a basis for formulation of public policies related to finance and economy as well as health, education and other social sectors. Under the …Continue reading

Keeping pace with the new space age‎

Space, the final frontier, is on the advent of commercialization. The age of space exploration a.k.a. the New Space Age is now opening up this unlimited expanse to anyone who has ever dreamt of going there.  I joined Virgin Galactic as a …Continue reading

Using ICTs to reimagine the electoral process

The Indian general election of 2019 saw large-scale deployment of the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) technology. It worked by generating a paper slip containing the name of the party and the candidate selected by a voter using Electronic Voting Machines …Continue reading

The brave new world of genetic genealogy

A woke up yesterday morning to the news that GEDmatch, the open-source genetic genealogy website, was instrumental in identifying Joseph James DeAngelo as the man suspected to be the serial murderer and rapist known as the “Golden State Killer.” As a genealogist …Continue reading