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By 2040, More Than Half of All New Cars Could Be Electric

Tesla knows it. Volvo knows it. Hell, most of the automotive industry knows it. At this point, electric cars are inevitable. But how quickly will they usurp our current gas guzzlers? A new analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance…

Tesla Will Build the World’s Biggest Lithium-ion Battery

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will install a bank of lithium-ion batteries in South Australia with a total capacity of 129 megawatt-hours—making it the world’s largest li-ion battery. The scheme essentially provides a…

Capitalism Behaving Badly

Despite healthy corporate earnings, an employment rate that has slowly rebounded since the financial crisis of 2008, and the outpouring of high-tech distractions from Silicon Valley, many people have an aching sense that there is something deeply wrong with the economy. Slow …Continue reading

A Coal-Fired Power Plant in India Is Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Baking Soda

In the southern Indian city of Tuticorin, locals are unlikely to suffer from a poorly risen cake. That’s because a coal-fired thermal power station in the area captures carbon dioxide and turns it into baking soda. Carbon capture schemes are nothing new. Typically, …Continue reading

Are Electric Airplanes Finally About to Take Off?

Fasten your seat belts, ensure tables are stowed—and check the batteries for charge. At least, that’s what the preflight checklist might be for a pair of plucky new startups promising to build passenger electric airplanes inside a decade. Zunum Aero, backed by …Continue reading