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The 9 Best Technology GIFs of 2016

2016 was a big year for technology—virtual reality got more hands-on, robots got a lot smarter, and researchers learned how to study individual human cells with unparalleled precision. How best to visualize some of these wonders? With mesmerizing GIFs. Here are the …Continue reading

Meet the World’s First Completely Soft Robot

The “octobot” is a squishy little robot that fits in the palm of your hand and looks like something in a goody bag from a child’s birthday party. But despite its quirky name and diminutive size, this bot represents an astonishing advance …Continue reading

AI Begins to Understand the 3-D World

There’s been some stunning progress in artificial intelligence of late, but it’s been surprisingly flat. Now AI researchers are moving beyond two-dimensional images and pixels. Instead they’re building systems capable of picturing the three-dimensional world and taking action. The work could have …Continue reading