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What are the best coronavirus treatments?

The new coronavirus that has sickened more than 70,000 people in central China is spreading, setting off outbreaks in South Korea, Iran, and Italy, and now threatens to move around the globe as a true pandemic. The US Centers for Disease Control …Continue reading

Look how far precision medicine has come

Sometime this fall, the number of people who have spit in a tube and sent their DNA to the largest consumer DNA testing companies, like Ancestry and 23andMe, is likely to top 20 million. The list by now is certain to include …Continue reading

Sociogenomics is opening a new door to eugenics

Want to predict aggression? Neuroticism? Risk aversion? Authoritarianism? Academic achievement? This is the latest promise from the burgeoning field of sociogenomics. There have been many “DNA revolutions” since the discovery of the double helix, and now we’re in the midst of another.