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Amgen Finds Anti-Heart Attack Gene

When Sean Harper took over as Amgen’s head of research in 2012, one of his first moves was to get the biotech giant to pay $415 million to buy DeCode Genetics, a struggling company in Iceland well-known for the huge DNA database …Continue reading

Cheap, Paper-Based Zika Diagnostic Tests Are Here

A new paper-based rapid test for Zika virus could be a valuable tool for health workers in areas that don’t have access to more complicated diagnostic technology. It’s also sensitive enough to distinguish between Zika and common related viruses like dengue, a …Continue reading

Injectable Gel Generates New Blood Vessels

There may be new hope for diabetics who have lost the use of a limb to vascular disease. An injectable regenerative gel causes new vessels to grow and restore blood flow in the limbs of diabetic mice with severe vascular disease, and …Continue reading

As Patents Expire, Farmers Plant Generic GMOs

Billy Maddox planted 100 acres of Roundup Ready soybeans this year. The big news is he didn’t pay Monsanto a dime. It’s been 20 years since Monsanto developed its first genetically modified crops. Now some of its early patents are starting to …Continue reading