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Fast genome tests are diagnosing some of the sickest babies in time to save them

Fast genome tests are diagnosing some of the sickest babies in time to save them

Rylee Supple seemed like a perfectly healthy baby when she was born in August 2016. But after a few months, her parents, Amy Jaeger and Robert Supple, realized something wasn’t right: instead of making normal baby movements, like kicking and grasping, Rylee’s …Continue reading

A Pancreas in a Capsule

Fourteen years ago, during the darkest moments of the “stem-cell wars” pitting American scientists against the White House of George W. Bush, one group of advocates could be counted on to urge research using cells from human embryos: parents of children with …Continue reading

The Extinction Invention

Malaria kills half a million people each year, mostly children in tropical Africa. The price tag for eradicating the disease is estimated at more than $100 billion over 15 years. To do it, you’d need bed nets for everyone, tens of thousands …Continue reading

Cancer Blood Tests Score Early Success

The first major field study of a new type of blood test to detect cancer early shows the technique can probably save lives, at least in certain circumstances. A study in Hong Kong in which about 20,000 men were tested and then …Continue reading

A Cancer “Atlas” to Predict How Patients Will Fare

Understanding the genetic changes in tumors that distinguish the most lethal cancers from more benign ones could help doctors better treat patients. Today, Swedish researchers are launching a new open-access catalog that maps many of those genetic changes. This “atlas”…

First Human Embryos Edited in U.S.

The first known attempt at creating genetically modified human embryos in the United States has been carried out by a team of researchers in Portland, Oregon, MIT Technology Review has learned. The effort, led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov of Oregon Health and Science…