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What Are MOOCs Good For?

What Are MOOCs Good For?

A few years ago, the most enthusiastic advocates of MOOCs believed that these “massive open online courses” stood poised to overturn the century-old model of higher education. Their interactive technology promised to deliver top-tier teaching from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, …Continue reading

Paying for Solar Power

The rail cars that once carried iron ore around Republic Steel’s sprawling plant at the edge of downtown Buffalo, New York, were plowed under when the steel company abandoned the location in 1984. They were recently discovered when excavation began for the …Continue reading

Smart Meters: are they here for good?

Smart Technology helps Pakistan’s energy managers plug power pilferages and manage line loads more effectively. By Imran Adnan Its summer 2020. A Pakistani newspaper headline reads “FBR finally gets real-time access to power companies billing data. Business leaders announce country wide strike.” …Continue reading

Toolkits for the Mind

When the Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto decided to create Ruby, a programming language that has helped build Twitter, Hulu, and much of the modern Web, he was chasing an idea from a 1966 science fiction novel called Babel-17 by Samuel R. …Continue reading