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Game on for Pakistan’s esport industry

There are over 2.5 billion gamers around the world today. They can choose from a variety of genres including action, strategy, role-playing, etc. Similarly, they can go for multiplayer vs. single-player games, online or offline, and use a PC, a console, or …Continue reading

A different world

“Una incision de 15 centimetros entre la sexta y septima costilla” [(Make) an incision 15 centimeters between the sixth and seventh rib] Pakistan-based Dr Ahmed tells Tokyo during the opening episode of the fourth season of La Casa de Papel or Money …Continue reading

Changing climate for tech startups

The 021Disrupt conference, organised by The Nest I/O in Karachi in November 2019, was unprecedented on multiple fronts. Captioned with the motto ‘nothing innovative ever stood still’, the conference, designed to link up investors and budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan, was more than …Continue reading

Inside Lahore’s public e-sports culture

As you enter the premises, you’re greeted by flashing beams of neon lights fixed on the walls and a strangely congruous sound from constant pushing of buttons and movement of joysticks. The pink, green and blue lights are just bright enough to …Continue reading

A closer look at IT-aided policing in Punjab

In 2013, the police started identifying crime hotspots in Lahore with the help of Information Technology experts at a premiere private university in the city. The plan was to use the latest technology for efficient allocation of scarce policing resources, and better …Continue reading

A museum for the new age

Museums show how the past and the present are intricately linked together. By exhibiting material dating back in time, museums provide visitors with information needed to imagine a collective present, as nations or as human species. Advances in information and telecommunication technologies …Continue reading

Understanding Pakistan’s cybersecurity woes

It may not be unreasonable to say that Pakistanis do not trust banks. According to a study carried out by Standard Chartered Bank and independent research agency GlobeScan in 2017, 50 percent of emerging affluent Pakistanis prefer to save cash at home …Continue reading