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Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Bored

Add “boredom detector” to the seemingly endless list of things your smartphone can do. A group of researchers say they’ve developed an algorithm that can suss this out by looking at your mobile activity, considering factors like the time since you last …Continue reading

Home Energy Storage Enters a New Era

This week at the Solar Power International show, in Anaheim, a company called SimpliPhi Power is unveiling a lightweight battery system for homes and small businesses that offers a longer life span than other lithium-ion batteries and doesn’t require expensive cooling and …Continue reading

Markhor Shoes: Making a difference

Pakistan’s first successfully crowdfunded startup goes from strength to strength. RAPID urbanization has had an effect on the city of Okara too. Situated in south-west of Pakistan’s second largest city, Lahore, it is famous for agriculture and its local craftsmanship of handmade …Continue reading