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Conversion of Nokia Corporation’s EUR 750 million convertible bond into Nokia shares

Conversion of Nokia Corporation’s EUR 750 million convertible bond into Nokia shares

Nokia Wednesday announced that a total of 10 502 091 new Nokia shares been registered with the Trade Register. The shares were subscribed for by using the conversion right pertaining to Nokia’s EUR 750 million convertible bond. The conversion amount, EUR 25 …Continue reading

A new Cell App can diagnose Malaria

Texas A&M University biomedical engineers are currently working on this technology which can diagnose malaria in a Rwandan village. Biomedical engineers are developing a new technology that will transform a cell phone into a mobile polarized microscope which can diagnose malaria with …Continue reading

Zukerberg Gives away Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg plans to give away 99 percent of Facebook Inc (FB.O) shares for about $45 billion worth into a new philanthropy project focusing on human potential and equality, it was announced. He will remain in charge of the world’s largest online …Continue reading

First Gene-Edited Dogs Reported in China

An extra-muscular beagle has been created through genome engineering. Are we on our way to customizing the DNA of our pets? Scientists in China say they are the first to use gene editing to produce customized dogs. They created a beagle with …Continue reading

NetSol Technologies ventures into E-Commerce

LAHORE (07-Dec-2015): NetSol Technologies, Ltd. announces the launch of its e-commerce portal Founder & CEO, NetSol Technologies, Salim Ghauri has said the e-commerce is thriving in Pakistan. With more than 2000 shopping portals, the Pakistani e-shopping space is expanding quickly despite …Continue reading

Food Technology for All

We may be heading toward a new food economy that’s more competitive and innovative. For years, the most important food technologies were all about scale. How could we feed a fast-growing population at less expense? By doing everything bigger: food grown on …Continue reading

Smart Mouthguard Monitors Your Saliva and Your Health

Your spit says a lot about your health, and now there’s wearable technology being tested to track it. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have demonstrated a mouthguard with electronic sensors that can detect concentrations of certain chemicals in saliva. …Continue reading