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Smart Bandage Signals Infection by Turning Fluorescent

Smart Bandage Signals Infection by Turning Fluorescent

Researchers have developed a new kind of wound dressing that could serve as an early-detection system for infections. Bacterial infection is a fairly common and potentially dangerous complication of wound healing, but a new “intelligent” dressing that turns fluorescent green to signal …Continue reading

Beijing’s Great Leap Forward

Kai-Fu Lee trained an army of Chinese engineers at Microsoft and Google. Now they’re turning Beijing into a technology powerhouse. Cities all over the world have tried to duplicate Silicon Valley’s prowess at churning out startups and multibillion-dollar technology companies. But only …Continue reading

Got Sleep Problems? Try Tracking Your Rest with Radar.

Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Washington, and Michigan State University recently conducted a study in which they used an off-the-shelf radar device to track body movements and heart and breathing rates, sending the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app …Continue reading

How to Engineer a Human Baby

Last April, Chinese researchers reported that they had tried genetically editing human embryos for the first time to correct a disease gene. Out of more than 80 embryos, however, only a handful came out correctly. In the rest, the gene didn’t get …Continue reading