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Hepatitis C oral drug at drastically low price in Pakistan by mid-2016

Hepatitis C oral drug at drastically low price in Pakistan by mid-2016

By Jawwad Rizvi The World Health Organization (WHO) has allowed Pakistan to produce generic versions of hepatitis C oral drug, Daklinza, through local Pakistanis drug manufacturers which will be sold in Pakistan at a drastically low price. The drug is likely to …Continue reading

The world locked in High Carbon Spiral

Deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions are required with a view to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions to curtail the increase in global average temperature below 2°C (above pre-industrial levels). Globally, governments spend more than US$ 500 billion annually to keep …Continue reading

Could Implantable LEDs Relieve Your Pain?

Chronic pain is often tough to understand, much less treat. But a new flexible, implantable electronic device could illuminate why certain parts of your body hurt. And down the road, the system, which features a wirelessly activated light-emitting diode (LED), might even …Continue reading

Conversion of Nokia Corporation’s EUR 750 million convertible bond into Nokia shares

Nokia Wednesday announced that a total of 10 502 091 new Nokia shares been registered with the Trade Register. The shares were subscribed for by using the conversion right pertaining to Nokia’s EUR 750 million convertible bond. The conversion amount, EUR 25 …Continue reading