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Google Glass Finds a Second Act at Work

Google Glass Finds a Second Act at Work

Google Glass, no longer available to consumers, is gaining fans in the workplace. Back in January, Google announced that it was shuttering the public “beta” program through which it sold Glass, its often-derided face-worn computer, to consumers. At the time, Google said …Continue reading

Got Sleep Problems? Try Tracking Your Rest with Radar.

Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Washington, and Michigan State University recently conducted a study in which they used an off-the-shelf radar device to track body movements and heart and breathing rates, sending the data via Bluetooth to a smartphone app …Continue reading

Government Admits it Bypassed Due Process

The government officials informed the Senate’s panel that the government had bypassed the AGPR in clearing the dues of the IPPs and made the payments through State Bank of Pakistan, through supplementary grants. By Jawwad Rizvi Government of Pakistan has admitted to …Continue reading

How Well Can Bionic Eyes See?

New computer simulations illustrate the limits of prosthetic eyes and suggest pathways for making them better. The world’s first bionic eyes have now been attached to the retinas of dozens of blind or nearly blind people, and we are just now beginning …Continue reading