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Computer modelling looks at sources of arsenic in river-groundwater

Computer modelling looks at sources of arsenic in river-groundwater

Naturally occurring (geogenic) groundwater arsenic contamination is a problem of global significance, with noteworthy occurrences in large parts of the alluvial and deltaic aquifers in South and Southeast Asia. To address this problem, tremendous research efforts have been dedicated over the last …Continue reading

A special diet can help against asthma: study

Can a special diet help in certain cases of asthma? A new study at the University of Bonn has come to the conclusion that it can. According to researchers, mice that were switched to a so-called ketogenic diet showed significantly reduced inflammation …Continue reading

PTA asks internet providers to reduce prices

The news: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has asked internet providers in Pakistan to offer reduced pricing and affordable internet packages to customers during the Covid-19 outbreak. The directive: According to Dawn, the PTA wrote a letter to the Fixed Line Operators …Continue reading

Hot weather takes its toll on mental health

Researchers found that hot days increase the probability that an average adult in the U.S. will report bad mental health. Moreover, people are willing to pay several dollars to avoid each additional hot day in terms of its impact on self-reported mental …Continue reading

Caffeine boosts problem-solving ability but not creativity

Caffeine increases the ability to focus and problem solve, but a new study by a University of Arkansas researcher indicates it doesn’t stimulate creativity. “In Western cultures, caffeine is stereotypically associated with creative occupations and lifestyles, from writers and their coffee to …Continue reading