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World’s largest bee species spotted

A team of conservationists and researchers have rediscovered the Megachile pluto, commonly referred to as Wallace’s giant bee, in Indonesia. This is the first time the species has been spotted since 1981. Roughly the size of a human thumb, the Wallace’s giant …Continue reading

Astronomers chart new map of night sky

A new map of the sky includes 300,000 previously unknown galaxies, which were discovered using the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope network in the Netherlands. “This is a new window on the universe,” said Cyril Tasse, an astronomer at the Paris Observatory …Continue reading

“Grandfather of climate science” passes away

Wallace “Wally” Broecker, the scientist who brought the term “global warming” into the vocabulary of scientists and the public alike, died at a New York hospital this Monday. He was 87-years old. Born in Chicago in 1931, Broecker went on to become …Continue reading

Pakistan Citizens Portal wins second place at World Government Summit

The Pakistan Citizens Portal (PCP) was declared the second best government mobile application at the World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai. The announcement was made by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan in a tweet on Wednesday. PCP — which was launched last …Continue reading