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How covid-19 causes smell loss

Temporary loss of smell, or anosmia, is the main neurological symptom and one of the earliest and most commonly reported indicators of covid-19. Studies suggest it better predicts the disease than other well-known symptoms such as fever and cough, but the underlying …Continue reading

Pakistan creating tech farms to boost agriculture

The news: The Pakistan government is developing advanced technology in order to enhance the agriculture sector. Under a new project called ‘Precision Agriculture’, the government will establish 500 technology-based farms to encourage export-based agriculture, according to the Federal Minister for Science and …Continue reading

Assessing damage to brain cells during head trauma

Say there’s a bomb attack on a military base. A few of the soldiers suffer concussions and other brain injuries. Could some of the injuries be caused by tiny bubbles that form and collapse within the skull during head trauma? Researchers at …Continue reading