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Facebook breaks down and the Internet panics

Social media giant Facebook, which has over two billion monthly users, was down for most of Wednesday globally. Messenger, WhatsApp and image-sharing app Instagram, which are also owned by the company, also experienced a breakdown in their services. The rare outage ranged …Continue reading

Crop burning costs India $30 billion a year

A study conducted by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in North India has found that air pollution from crop residue burning (CRB) — more commonly known as stubble burning — is a leading risk factor for contracting acute respiratory infection, …Continue reading

Tri-bore filtration system could reduce water toxicity by 90 percent

An experimental water purification plant being built in Singapore could not only reduce the presence of toxic waste in the water it treats by 90 percent, but could also be used to recover precious metals. The plant uses a new kind of …Continue reading