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Nasa’s Kepler Telescope Finds 10 More Planets That Could Sustain Life

Nasa’s Kepler Telescope Finds 10 More Planets That Could Sustain Life

NASA has released its most detailed and comprehensive mission catalog of planets detected by its Kepler telescope. The telescope team has discovered 219 new planets, 10 of which are alike in size to Earth and orbit in the habitable zone of a …Continue reading

A Health Monitoring Sticker Powered Phone

Stretchy electronics offer wearable health gadgets without batteries. Picture a health-monitoring patch you wear like a tattoo and that doesn’t need a battery. That’s the idea behind a demonstration by John Rogers, a stretchable electronics pioneer at the University of Illinois at …Continue reading

Social Media and Big Data in Politics

Growing role of social media and technology in Pakistani politics. All politics is local,” the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O’Neill is usually credited with this particular catchphrase. However, this is a universal principle when it comes …Continue reading

Unlocking Big Data for Electioneering

Can Big Data Impact Politics and Elections in Pakistan? Big data in politics is more about following the digital footprints of the individuals (the voters), capturing their sentiments and emotions through direct interaction on a massive scale using technology and by doing …Continue reading