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Why drones often aren’t the solution to developing-world problems

Why drones often aren’t the solution to developing-world problems

New technologies are never introduced into a vacuum. They emerge into a social, economic, and political setting and influence it in their turn. Katherine Chandler, a professor in the culture and politics program at Georgetown University, is researching drones in Africa as …Continue reading

Deepfakes may be a useful tool for spies

A spy may have used an AI-generated face to deceive and connect with targets on social media. The news: A LinkedIn profile under the name Katie Jones has been identified by the AP as a likely front for AI-enabled espionage. The persona …Continue reading

How we might protect ourselves from malicious AI

We’ve touched previously on the concept of adversarial examples—the class of tiny changes that, when fed into a deep-learning model, cause it to misbehave. In March, we covered UC Berkeley professor Dawn Song’s talk at our annual EmTech Digital conference about how …Continue reading

Five questions you can use to cut through AI hype

Two weeks ago, the United Arab Emirates hosted Ai Everything, its first major AI conference and one of the largest AI applications conferences in the world. The event was an impressive testament to the breadth of industries in which companies are now …Continue reading

This robot can sort recycling by giving it a squeeze

Greasy pizza box, takeaway coffee cup, plastic yogurt pot—are they trash or recycling? What can and can’t be recycled is often confusing, not least because the answer depends on the facilities at your local waste processing plant. In many plants, grease-soaked cardboard …Continue reading