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Shinjini Kundu

Shinjini Kundu

Medical images are massively important in diagnosing disease, but as they get more detailed it becomes harder and harder for a human being to interpret them. Shinjini Kundu created an artificial-­intelligence system that can analyze them to find patterns undetectable to the …Continue reading

Brenden Lake

Brenden Lake created an AI program that can learn novel handwritten characters as well as a human can after seeing just a single example. That might seem mundane in a world where AI controls self-driving cars and beats the world’s best Go …Continue reading

Marzyeh Ghassemi

After collaborating with doctors in the intensive care unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center during her PhD studies, Marzyeh Ghassemi realized that one of their biggest challenges was information overload. So she designed a suite of machine-learning methods to turn messy …Continue reading

Niki Bayat

Growing up in Iran, Niki Bayat always wanted to use her aptitude in engineering to help people suffering from disease—especially after her father developed glaucoma and was unable to have eye surgery because of other health issues. She placed eighth in Iran’s …Continue reading

Shehar Bano

Shehar Bano made it possible to fight state censorship of the internet—by pioneering the first systematic study of how it happens. It all started when Bano’s homeland of Pakistan blocked YouTube in 2012. “Previously, people were under the delusion that this was …Continue reading

Shreya Dave, 30

Shreya Dave, 30 Via Separations Shreya Dave thought her PhD research had no practical applications. It involved molecular filtration membranes made of graphene oxide—which is cheaper and less prone to degrading than the polymers and ceramics used today—but her method was too …Continue reading

Personalized simulations of blood flow in the body

Amanda Randles, 34 Duke University Amanda Randles, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Duke University, is building software that simulates blood flowing throughout the human body in a model based on medical images of a particular person. The code base is …Continue reading