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She found a way to make solar panels cheaper and more efficient

She found a way to make solar panels cheaper and more efficient

Rebecca Saive AGE: 33 AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE AND ETC SOLAR COUNTRY OF BIRTH: GERMANY The silver lines that crisscross the face of solar panels are essentially metal wires. They’re necessary to channel the electric current flowing out of the cells, but they reflect about 5% …Continue reading

He is reducing the chemical industry’s carbon footprint by using AI to optimize reactions with electricity instead of heat

Miguel Modestino AGE: 34 AFFILIATION: NYU COUNTRY OF BIRTH: VENEZUELA Miguel Modestino has cleared a major hurdle in electrifying the chemical industry, which produces compounds used in everything from plastics to fertilizer. His AI-based system teaches itself how to optimize the reactions for making various chemicals …Continue reading

By devising new ways to fool AI, she is making it safer

Bo Li AGE: 32 AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN COUNTRY OF BIRTH: CHINA A few years ago, Bo Li and her colleagues placed small black-and-white stickers on a stop sign in a graffiti-like pattern that looked random to human eyes and did not obscure the …Continue reading

In the last few months, Google and Facebook have both released new chatbots. Jiwei Li’s techniques are at the heart of both

iwei Li AGE: 31 AFFILIATION: SHANNON.AI & ZHEJIANG UNIVERSITY COUNTRY OF BIRTH: CHINA Jiwei Li applies deep reinforcement learning—a relatively new technique in which neural networks learn by trial and error—to natural-language processing (NLP), the field of computer science in which programs are made to manipulate …Continue reading

Her sensor-laden wristwatch would monitor your brain states.

Rose Faghih AGE: 34 AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON AND MIT COUNTRY OF BIRTH: US If Rose Faghih’s project pans out, a seemingly simple smart watch could determine what’s happening deep inside your brain. Faghih has developed an algorithm to analyze otherwise imperceptible changes in sweat activity—a …Continue reading