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His discovery could reduce errors in quantum computing

His discovery could reduce errors in quantum computing

Zlatko Minev AGE: 30 AFFILIATION: IBM QUANTUM RESEARCH, TJ WATSON COUNTRY OF BIRTH: BULGARIA Zlatko Minev overturned a mainstay of quantum physics that had troubled Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein alike. For most of the 20th century, it was assumed that atoms change from one energy …Continue reading

Medical implants are often thwarted as the body grows tissue to defend itself. She may have found a drug-free fix for the problem

Eimear Dolan AGE: 32 AFFILIATION: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND GALWAY COUNTRY OF BIRTH: IRELAND When Eimear Dolan first worked to develop implantable medical devices to treat type 1 diabetes, she and her colleagues had to overcome a common roadblock. Their problem was one that’s long dogged makers …Continue reading

His recording tool provides a video of genes turning on or off

Randall Jeffrey Platt AGE: 32 AFFILIATION: ETH ZURICH COUNTRY OF BIRTH: US Randall Platt has created a way to record molecular events in a cell across time—a technology that has the potential to transform our understanding of a number of important biological processes.