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He’s working to use CRISPR as a covid-19 test that you could take at home

He’s working to use CRISPR as a covid-19 test that you could take at home

Omar Abudayyeh AGE: 30 AFFILIATION: MIT COUNTRY OF BIRTH: US CRISPR has been called the discovery of the century for its potential to change biomedical research and treatment of genetic diseases. But it was Omar Abudayyeh who helped turn the gene-editing tool into a diagnostic test, …Continue reading

Her research on racial bias in data used to train facial recognition systems is forcing companies to change their ways

Inioluwa Deborah Raji AGE: 24 AFFILIATION: AI NOW INSTITUTE COUNTRY OF BIRTH: NIGERIA The spark that sent Inioluwa Deborah Raji down a path of artificial-intelligence research came from a firsthand realization that she remembers as “horrible.”Raji was interning at the machine–learning startup Clarifai after her third …Continue reading

Her tools let anyone design products without having to understand materials science or engineering

Adriana Schulz AGE: 34 AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON COUNTRY OF BIRTH: BRAZIL Adriana Schulz’s computer-based design tools let average users and engineers alike use graphical drag-and-drop interfaces to create functional, complex objects as diverse as robots and birdhouses without having to understand their underlying mechanics, geometries, …Continue reading

Heavy dependence on infrastructure like oil rigs, nuclear reactors, and desalination plants can be catastrophic in a crisis. Her data-driven framework could help nations prepare

Ghena Alhanaee AGE: 30 AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUNTRY OF BIRTH: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Early on in her days as a doctoral student at the University of Southern California, Ghena Alhanaee stumbled upon a disturbing set of facts. The countries of the Persian Gulf, including …Continue reading