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She taught an AI to design AI chips

Azalia Mirhoseini 32 Google Brain Country of birth: Iran Azalia Mirhoseini, a research scientist at Google Brain, is using artificial intelligence itself  to make better chips for artificial intelligence. Many microchips that are used for AI weren’t specifically built for it. Most are …Continue reading

Her AI program aims to weed out bias in decision making

Himabindu Lakkaraju 29 Harvard University Country of birth: India Himabindu Lakkaraju designed an artificial intelligence program that serve as a bias check for decision makers like judges and doctors. Machine learning and AI are increasingly used in law enforcement to make decisions …Continue reading

She found a better way to correct single-gene mutations

Nicole Gaudelli 34 Beam Therapeutics Country of birth: US Nicole Gaudelli invented a way to potentially correct almost half of all genetic diseases caused by single-gene mutations. Gene-editing tools such as CRISPR can fix some of the single-letter genetic “spelling” mistakes that …Continue reading

Digitizing evolution to make better antibiotics

Cesar de la Fuente University of Pennsylvania Country of birth: Spain Bacteria evolve faster than scientists can make new antibiotics to fight them. That’s why César de la Fuente has developed algorithms that follow Darwin’s laws of evolution to create optimized artificial …Continue reading