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From the editor

The world’s largest accumulation of ocean plastic is located between Hawaii and California and according to scientists of The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit, the mass of plastic known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) is estimated to weigh approximately 80,000 tons …Continue reading

From the Editor

In early July this year, the United States issued a health alert for its citizens traveling to Pakistan to get vaccinated against extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid fever as there was an ongoing outbreak of XDR typhoid in parts of the country’s Sindh …Continue reading

From the Editor

Earth’s average surface temperature has risen 1.1°C (about 2.0°F) since the late 19th century with most of the warming occurring in the past 35 years. This change is attributed to the release of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) because of human activities. According to …Continue reading

From the editor

In one of TR Pakistan’s earlier editions in 2017, we had assessed the country’s forensic science landscape in detail, highlighting how technology was transforming policing across the country. In January 2018, a horrific case of rape emerged in Kasur district which brought …Continue reading

From the Editor

Appreciating positive efforts by Pakistanis can be a difficult task, especially because on the global stage, the country is often associated with a myriad of crises unfathomable for an average reader in the West. Nevertheless, it is also impossible to ignore those …Continue reading

‘Law and Technology’ edition: From the Editor

In 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States solved a 30-year-old murder case with the help of its Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS)—which then housed the records of approximately 73 million criminal subjects. The victim, 61-year-old Carroll …Continue reading

‘Smart Cities’ edition: From the Editor

Some 8,000 surveillance cameras will soon watch over Punjab’s metropolis—Lahore. This is one of the government’s many technology based initiatives to boost the security of the second largest city of Pakistan under the Punjab Safe Cities Project. A state-of-the-art Punjab Police Integrated …Continue reading

‘Agritech’ edition: From the Editor

Agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy. It contributes as much as 20 percent to the overall GDP of Pakistan. The agriculture sector provides employment to 42.3 percent of the country’s labor force. In Punjab, the food basket of Pakistan, 43.5 percent …Continue reading

‘Big Data’ edition: From the Editor

The 2013 elections in Pakistan were marked by a new phenomenon: social media and use of data to plan election campaigns. Politicians built large social media networks, using mediums like Facebook pages, Twitter handles, SMS channels and robo-calls. Likewise, the data generated …Continue reading