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Lahore is losing its green cover – fast

Trees and greenery have always been a matter for pride for the city of gardens, Lahore. Over the past few years, the city’s tree cover has also featured in a large number of discussions on development and urbanization. The conversation was started …Continue reading

Diving against marine debris

You will be surprised what divers come across in the stew of rubbish — both floating and submerged in oceans. While the flotsam is made up of the usual styrofoam (the white material — polystyrene — used for making food containers) cups …Continue reading

Pakistan fights drug resistant typhoid on war-footing

In a densely populated mohalla of Qasimabad, Hyderabad —the second largest city of Sindh— the residents depend on a filtration plant established in 2008 for water consumption. Till a month ago, four-year-old Adil’s father who lives in the same vicinity was convinced …Continue reading

The great Karachi heat trap

The emergency ward at Karachi’s Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) was full to capacity when Abida Noor, a resident of Gulistan-i-Rafi Colony in Malir Town, took her younger daughter Kulsoom there for treatment in June 2015. Temperatures in the coastal city had …Continue reading

Is Pakistan running out of fresh water?

The sight of water flowing from taps may soon be a luxury, with people having to queue up at tankers for just a bucket load of water for their daily needs. Meanwhile, affluent neighbourhoods in gated communities may install desalination plants paid …Continue reading

Old Industry, New Fixes

At first glance, the healthcare sector in Pakistan appears so bureaucratic and inflexible, it may seem immune to disruption by innovators. However, a new generation of technology researchers is trying to change that. Their products range from ventilators to complex simulators. Their …Continue reading