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The Perils of Inaction on Climate Change

The Perils of Inaction on Climate Change

Extreme and erratic weather conditions, regular floods and lower agricultural outputs call for urgent adaptation reforms to counter the adverse effects of climate change in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan ranks seventh in the 10 countries that are most affected by climate change globally, …Continue reading

The New Decentralized Web Revolution

A startup co-founded by a graduate from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)  has received $4 million in a new round of funding led by Union Square Ventures and Lux Capital. The decentralized internet and web developer platform, Blockstack, is making …Continue reading

Smart Cities Will Take Many Forms

In cities across the world, mayors, urban planners, citizens, and, increasingly, tech companies are using powerful new devices and programs to create smart cities, where transportation systems, energy grids, and public services can be monitored and manipulated in real time. We should …Continue reading

Building Smart Cities in Pakistan

There is a pressing need to deploy new technologies for city governments for better management of urban centers. The concept of a “Smart City” is a relatively new one in the realm of modern day urban development and is being adopted by …Continue reading

Is Breathing Killing Us?

Lung diseases, facemasks and irritable eyes – a snapshot into the future of Pakistan without urgent air quality management programs. The extensive smog experienced in Lahore in November, 2016 kickstarted a long overdue conversation about the importance of air quality in the …Continue reading

Smart City Living Transforms the Urban Landscape

With 10,000 people per day migrating to the world’s urban areas, cities everywhere are seeking ways to transform their increasingly congested landscapes into safer, smarter, and healthier environments that better serve their residents. This historic population shift is driving an ongoing global …Continue reading

Domestic Internet Exchange is Good in Theory, but How Does it Fare in Practice?

Short term benefits of internet exchange point may not be significant but observers believe it will aid a burgeoning IT-based e-commerce sector The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Ministry of Information Technology have recently inaugurated the first internet exchange point (IXP) in …Continue reading