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The Role of Technology in Justice Delivery

The Role of Technology in Justice Delivery

Lahore High Court has made digitization of case management system a high priority for expeditious dispensation of justice. In his paper titled “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”, Anwar (Andy) N. Khan, a professor emeritus of Legal Studies at Canada’s Athabasca University, states …Continue reading

Big Data: A New Way to Govern

Using analytics to support good governance: exploring NADRA’s big-data potential. Good governance is built on merit, transparency, and service orientation. In turn, the guiding principles for ensuring merit and transparency are timely decisions based on facts. Governments around the world are realizing …Continue reading

Assessing Forensic Science Landscape in Pakistan

Since 2001, authorities have been revamping forensic science infrastructure across the country to aid crime investigation, but are all provinces on an even footing? A law enforcement agency recovered a laptop from a terror suspect caught from Lahore in 2015. It hoped …Continue reading

World Without Walls

People have long worried that technology is destroying privacy. Today, the lament focuses on Facebook; but as far back as 1890 William Brandeis, a future Supreme Court justice, and his associate Samuel Warren were decrying the unprecedented assault against privacy by the …Continue reading

Hotspot: Punjab

A public-private partnership makes Punjab’s free Wi-Fi hotspots possible. The Punjab government has launched free Wi-Fi hotspots across the province. Behind this ambitious venture is Wifigen, a startup which made the project possible. The company provides free Wi-Fi to customers in exchange …Continue reading

Arfa Software Technology Park Gets Its Own Robo-Ceptionist

Meet Ross – Arfa Software Technology Park’s very own robot receptionist. The robot-oriented support staff, nicknamed Ross, uses sensors to detect people in front of it. When one steps in Ross’s line of sight, they are asked to use hand gestures to …Continue reading

Disappearing Forests

Pakistan’s forests are no longer what they used to be. At the time of partition, the country’s forest cover stood at 33 percent. By 1990, Pakistan’s forest cover had declined to 3.3 percent. Fast forward another quarter of a century, to 2015, …Continue reading

Study Finds 1,317 Knocked-out Genes in Sample From Pakistan

The team discovers a unique family whose 11 members were missing a protein that naturally produces cholesterol; this puts them at a lower risk of heart disease. Research published in the journal Nature has analyzed the DNA of 10,503 Pakistanis who were …Continue reading