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A bittersweet synchrony

Andholan, which means movement in musical terms, signifies oscillating a note while touching the periphery of an adjacent note. For the Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB), not only does the word represent one of its most popular tracks from 2009, many of the …Continue reading

The promise of genome editing

In December 2019, the Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (Lahore Chapter) hosted a “National Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology for Food Security”, in which experts called for a science-based regulatory landscape for new methods in agricultural biotechnology, including genome editing. The dialogue also featured …Continue reading

In dire straits: Pakistan’s web monitoring

In late October 2019, Pakistan’s plan to engage Canada-based firm Sandvine Corporation, which is notorious for its Internet surveillance technologies, resurfaced with the publishing of a report highlighting details of the contract signed over the matter. The issue has been in the …Continue reading

Pakistan’s Water Insecurity: The Human Cost

As the recent monsoon rains pelted Karachi, its residents found themselves wading in knee-deep water in their homes and plunged into darkness after the city’s main electricity supplier—K-Electric—proved unable to cope. Outside in the streets, the uncollected carcasses of animals that had …Continue reading

The search for dark matter

The High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory (HAWC) is a fair hike from civilization. It is located 4,100 meters above sea level, near the Sierra Negra, a largely barren volcano that looms over most of the surrounding peaks in Puebla, Mexico. In the …Continue reading

Technology and Cricket: An Uneasy Alliance?

When Saeed Ajmal made a late entry into the international cricketing circuit at age 32, he quickly went on to fill a void left in the Pakistani squad after an earlier-than-expected retirement of legendary off spinner Saqlain Mushtaq in 2004. Best known …Continue reading

Our bodies, our cells

On an unremarkable side street in Oakland, California, a few blocks down from an animal dermatologist and just past an organic grocery store, Ridhi Tariyal and Stephen Gire are trying to change how women monitor their health. When I visited their small …Continue reading