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Digital art and brown bodies

When one thinks of Pakistani or South Asian art, the image of a porcelain-skin woman in traditional Mughal clothes comes to mind. It wouldn’t be surprising if you also thought of her holding a parrot or a sitar, or perhaps you would …Continue reading

Virtual law and justice during a pandemic

A lmost a year ago, the Supreme Court issued a press release informing the public about the establishment of an e-court system. The system would run through videolink connectivity and allow lawyers to argue cases from the respective Supreme Court branch registries …Continue reading

Technology giveth, technology taketh away

For many people, 2020 started with anxiety over how they would be managing their lives better. We let go of humorous resolutions and opted for serious reflection. Why? Because it seemed like the ‘internet’ thing to do. Let’s be honest though. Both …Continue reading

A bittersweet synchrony

Andholan, which means movement in musical terms, signifies oscillating a note while touching the periphery of an adjacent note. For the Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB), not only does the word represent one of its most popular tracks from 2009, many of the …Continue reading

The promise of genome editing

In December 2019, the Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (Lahore Chapter) hosted a “National Dialogue on Agricultural Biotechnology for Food Security”, in which experts called for a science-based regulatory landscape for new methods in agricultural biotechnology, including genome editing. The dialogue also featured …Continue reading

In dire straits: Pakistan’s web monitoring

In late October 2019, Pakistan’s plan to engage Canada-based firm Sandvine Corporation, which is notorious for its Internet surveillance technologies, resurfaced with the publishing of a report highlighting details of the contract signed over the matter. The issue has been in the …Continue reading

Pakistan’s Water Insecurity: The Human Cost

As the recent monsoon rains pelted Karachi, its residents found themselves wading in knee-deep water in their homes and plunged into darkness after the city’s main electricity supplier—K-Electric—proved unable to cope. Outside in the streets, the uncollected carcasses of animals that had …Continue reading

DNA found in ancient graveyard provides insight into Indus Valley Civilization

At its peak, the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) stretched from what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan all the way to the northwestern part of India. Even 5,000 years ago, they had urban centers and towns with baked brick houses and an elaborate …Continue reading