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How to manage a pandemic

How to manage a pandemic

My first taste of coronavirus panic came early one morning in January. An email with the heading “Important information: please read” arrived from our son’s elementary school, just minutes before we put him on the bus. The parents of one of his …Continue reading

Google and Apple ban location tracking in their contact tracing apps

The news: Apple and Google have announced that their coronavirus tracing technology will ban the use of location tracking. The announcement could create potential complications for some apps that planned to use the two companies’ system for notifying people of potential exposure to covid-19.

Covid-19 is now officially a pandemic

The World Health Organization in Geneva said today that the spreading coronavirus contagion is now officially a pandemic. What it means: The designation means that the novel coronavirus is spreading in many countries at the same time. It is also an acknowledgment that efforts …Continue reading

Life in the most drone-bombed country in the world

Khalid still remembers the first time he heard about drones. He was 10 years old, sitting in his school classroom in Khogyani, a district near the Durand Line in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. A group of his friends animatedly discussed the recent …Continue reading